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My name is Lynette Hirsch and I live in Southern California. I show and breed Bouviers des Flanders. I have had Bouviers and been showing for 16 years and I have been breeding for 10 years. I love this breed and I believe one hundred percent in health testing. I do not have a large kennel and I usually only breed one litter per year. Lynette and Girls
I have five Bouviers at the moment. My dogs are first and foremost my companions. I take my dogs through an obedience class so they will be good citizens and I also show and finish my own dogs in conformation. I'm sure it takes me a little longer to finish my dogs, but when they win, it is because they deserved the points in spite of my handling ability. This is my hobby and I do it myself because I enjoy it. I also have Quarter Horses (Duns) that I show.
I belong to The American Bouvier des Flandres Club and The Southern California Bouvier des Flandres Club, of which I am a Board member.
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